Master of Engineering in Design & Manufacturing

Queen's University is collaborating with McMaster University, the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo to offer a Professional Master's Degree in Design and Manufacturing. Collectively, the group forms a virtual institute known as the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute (ADMI).

What is the ADMI M. Eng. in Design and Manufacturing?

The Master of Engineering in Design & Manufacturing is a flexible and successful graduate program specifically designed to meet the needs of engineers working in industry.

What if I don't have time to go back to a school to get a masters degree?

The ADMI program is specifically designed to address the challenges of a working engineer. Each course is structured in two 4-day modules (Thursday AM through Sunday PM), so there are minimal disruptions to your life and no need to take a long term leave to earn your masters degree.

Am I qualified for this degree?

The ADMI M. Eng. Program is specifically designed for working engineers. Admission requirements are an honours Bachelor of Science in Engineering, or science equivalent, and an element of industry experience, recommended (but not required) to be three or more years. This is your chance to create an M.Eng program customized to suit your personal and business needs and interests from Technology and Process and Business Management Course Streams.

The M. Design and Manufacturing (ADMI)

  • Provides participants with access to the finest expertise in engineering design, manufacturing and management from four major Ontario Universities, invited associates and industry
  • Will create engineers educated to understand the importance of advanced manufacturing technologies, the central role of design in business, the use of advanced materials to improve manufacturing productivity, and the need for business leadership and innovation
  • Will develop and enhance the skills of participating engineers to be more effective drivers of change and improvement, by simultaneously developing their technical and business skills
  • Is presented in a compressed time frame of two 4-day modules for each course, with participation time requirements shared between the participant and his/her employer
  • Offers program participants the option to formally enroll in the M.Eng Masters Degree program or to enroll in an individual course offering
  • Offers a unique format of lectures, discussion groups, seminars, workshops, guest lectures by industry and academia, company visits, best business practices, case studies, problem-solving and net-working

The ADMI vision is to create a new generation of Canadian design and manufacturing engineers with the ability and mindset to propel Ontario Industry into a world leadership position. The collective resources of the partner universities and industry are leveraged to provide participants with access to an integrated program of world-class technology, expertise and experience, leading academic training, together with innovative technology applications, experiences and best business practices from some of Canada's leading companies.

Students enrol in the university of their choice and receive their Masters degree from the same university after completing ten courses. Each graduate course is presented in two four-day modules (Thursday to Sunday inclusive) separated by a four to six week period. The format and content of the presentation materials is unique, relevant and maintained at a very high standard.


  • "The modular format is terrific … provides a concentrated approach to the subject"
  • "The module format allows me to take a graduate degree while still working"
  • "Multi-university partnership allows individuals to choose courses which will add value to an already established industry career"
  • "A dynamic learning experience … exposure to more variety and depth than I could expect to receive from one university"
  • "Excellent mix of technical and business courses … challenging and interesting content"
  • "Industry guest speakers and facilities visits really add to the course content"
  • "The learning environment is first-class"
  • "Interaction with other engineers in the class provides extra insight and benefits … I have made a number of excellent contacts"
  • "I can take the courses that fit my work and personal schedules … I can complete my degree at my own pace"

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Winner of 2004 Yves Landry Foundation Technological Education Award

Winner of 2004 Yves Landry Foundation Technological Education Award
Innovative Manufacturing Technology Program - University Level

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