Materials Science and Engineering



Prof. Mark DaymondRoom 328B, Nicol 533 2193
Prof. Suraj PersaudRoom 328D, Nicol Hallsuraj.persaud@queensu.caext. 74018

Course Description


Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:

1. Elaborate upon the fundamental materials science concepts introduced in APSC131 (Chemistry and Materials).
2. Explore several aspects of material structure and (mechanical) properties, as well as their interdependency.
3. Gain an appreciation for the significance of proper materials considerations (eg. selection in design, importance of appropriate processing) for everyday mechanical engineering practice.

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities

3 lecture hours + 1 tutorial hour per week + 2 lab hours every 2nd week. Please refer to SOLUS for times and locations.


Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction,  (8th or 9th ed.) - William D. Callister, Jr