Solid Mechanics II



Prof. C.K. MechefskeRoom 326 McLaughlin 533-3148

Course Description

The primary objective of this course is to further study the strength of engineering materials, picking up where MECH221 left off. Emphasis will be placed on the treatment of isotropic, homogeneous materials.

Topics include, but are not limited to; Combined Loadings, Statically Indeterminate Loadings, Thermal Stresses, Unsymmetric Bending, Stress concentrations, Inelastic (Plastic) Deformations, Residual Stress, Plane Stress Transformations, Principle Stresses and Maximum In-Plane Stress, Mohr’s Circle for Plane Stress, Absolute Maximum Shear Stress, Plane Strain, Principle Strains and Maximum In-Plane Strain, Mohr’s Circle for Plane Strain, Absolute Maximum Plane Strain, Failure Theories, Shaft Design, Slope and Displacement in Transversely Loaded Beams (Method of Superposition), Columns with Concentric and Eccentric Loads.

Objectives and Outcomes

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities

3 lecture hours + 1 tutorial hour per week. Please refer to SOLUS for times and locations.


Required textbook: Mechanics of Materials (9th ed.) - R.C. Hibbeler