Dynamics and Vibration



Dr. R. AndersonMcLaughlin Hall, Room 220A 533-2565

Course Description

This course covers the kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies in two and three dimensions, as well as an introduction to vibrations. Topics in dynamics include: mathematically rigorous kinematic analysis, Newton's laws, energy methods, impulse and momentum methods, mass moments of inertia, and gyroscopic motion. Topics in vibrations include: free and forced vibration of single-degree-of-freedom systems, undamped and damped systems, equivalent single-degree-of-freedom system of continuous elements/systems using energy equivalence and equation of motion.


Objectives and Outcomes

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities

3 lecture hours + 1 tutorial hour per week. Please refer to SOLUS for times and locations.


Recommended textbook: Engineering Mechanics Dynamics (7th ed.) - J.L. Meriam, L.G. Kraige