Heat Transfer



Dr. S.J. HarrisonRoom 406B, McLaughlin 533-2588

Course Description

An introductory course which covers conduction, convection and radiation modes of heat transfer. Both analytical and numerical analysis will be discussed, and concepts will be reinforced through tutorial and laboratory sessions. Latter topics will include combined modes of heat transfer and the design of heat exchangers. (0/0/0/42/0)


Objectives and Outcomes

The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of heat transfer analysis and its application in the design of thermal components.

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities

3 lecture hours + 1 tutorial hour per week. Please refer to SOLUS for times and locations.


Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer (6th or 7th ed.) - F.P. Incropera, D.P. DeWitt, T.L. Bergman and A.S. Lavine