MECH 430: Thermal Systems Design

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Course Content

Module 1 - Energy and Climate Change

Energy-Use Fundamentals:

Energy Supply and Use; Canada's Energy Resource Base.

Climate Change and Environment:

Environmental Aspects of Conventional Energy Production; Global Warming; Emissions Controls.

Module 2 - Power Generation

Power Generation, Utility Loads/Management:

Demand analysis, Utility Generating Capacity, Load Duration Curves and Load Factors, Peak and Base Loads, Reserve Capacity, Load Diversity and Demand Management Schemes

Energy Costs, Economics of Power & Energy:

Fixed and Variable Costs, Depreciation, Present Worth Analysis, Levelized Costing,

Distributed Power, Cogeneration, Micro Gas Turbines:

Gas Turbine Plants; the Production of Heat and Power; Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Nuclear Energy

Modules 3 - Alternative/Renewable Energy and Green Buildings

Renewable Energy Systems:

Design and performance of Solar and Wind Power Systems; Applications, Limitations and Economics.

Solar Energy:

Thermal Systems, Photovoltaics.

Green Buildings: (not 2011)

(HVAC, Energy Recovery Systems, Lighting- not 2011)

Wind Energy:

Wind Energy Basics, Wolf Island Wind Project

Design Project Evaluation