MECH 430: Thermal Systems Design

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Class Tests:

REMINDER! The MODULE Tests will be held in class during the normal lecture time.The tests are closed book.

Please note: module tests are each worth 20% of the final Course mark.



Material to Cover

Test 1


  • understand and demonstrate the use of the Pychrometic chart in sensible and latent heating and cooling/dehumidification applications (e.g., as required for the project)
  • understand and demonstrate heat exchanger/ dehumidifier calculations including Effectiveness, NTU, UA and simple heat/energy transfer calculations.
    • Energy and the First Law of Thermodynamics
    • Conservation of Energy and mass for a Control Volume
    • Psychrometric Principles
    • Psychrometric Charts
    • Analyzing Air-Conditioning Processes
    • Heat Exchangers 
    • Heat exchanger Anaslysis and Design
    • Effectiveness and NTU Analysis 
  • Recommended Reading (Module 1)
Test 2

Test 3

  • Distributed Generation- key features, motivation  and advantages
  • Nuclear Energy Know types of reactors, safety issues and systems, acccidents and waste storage
  • Wind Energy - simple design calc's, energy availablity, turbine types and characteristics, construction
  • Understand the variability and nature of solar energy
  • Know the basic characteristics of various types of solar collectors (advantage/disadvantes of each type) and where they are most likely used
  • know the basic configuration of  solar thermal  and PV photovoltic systems

    • Module 3 Lecture Notes + In-class Quizzes and Exmples
    • Distributed Generation
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Solar Energy Introduction and Resource
    • Solar Thermal Systems & Components
    • Drake Landing Solar Project