MECH 430: Thermal Systems Design

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Instructor: Prof. S. Harrison

Course Description

This course is concerned with the technical, economic and environmental aspects of conventional and novel methods of energy supply and use. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis and design of thermal systems. Topics include: electric utility demand and supply; the analysis of thermal power generation systems including combined cycle and cogeneration plants; emission control; alternative energy systems. Laboratory work will include the analysis of thermal systems such as a steam generator and HVAC system. (0/0/0/24/24)

PREREQUISITE: MECH 330, or permission of the instructor


Time & Location:


Tutorial: (Mandatory)



Course Teaching Assistants:

Kristen & Nick

Marking Scheme (subject to revision)

Class Tests (3 each worth 20%) = 60%

Class/Tutorial Assignments/Quizzes (~5 at 2% each) = 10%

Course Project (group project) = 30%


Course Objectives

  • To gain an appreciation of the engineering, environmental and economic factors affecting the design and specification of power generation and thermal systems.
  • To investigate the engineering aspects related to the selection and sizing of thermal components.
  • To apply thermal analysis and modeling techniques to predict and evaluate system and component performance factors