Team Project - Implement and Operate



Prof. J. SneepRoom 323A, McLaughlin 533-6000 ext. 75975
Prof. H. PloegRoom 303B, McLaughlin 533 6000 ext. 74893

Course Description

This course is intended to enable team projects that started in MECH460, to continue to the "implement and operate" phases of the design cycle. However, new projects can be the subject of MECH462 as long as they meet the "implement and operate" objectives of the course. An engineering report is prepared and defended. The presentation is normally supported by a working prototype or physical mock-up of the design. Testing a process or system can replace the building of a prototype. (0/0/0/0/42)

PREREQUISITES: MECH460 and permission of instructor

The elective course MECH462 enables team design projects that started in MECH460 to continue on to the implement and operate phases of the design cycle. An engineering design report is prepared and defended, supported by a working prototype, physical mock-up or virtual model. Testing of a process or system can replace the building of a prototype. There are no lectures in MECH462. A tutorial period is used for setting up the course at the beginning of the term, and for the scheduling of oral presentations by students.

The prerequisites for the course are MECH460 and permission of the Course Coordinator. A Letter of Intent similar to that submitted for MECH460 is required from each team in order to obtain permission to take the course. The letter must identify the project, the members of the team and include a brief outline of the nature of the work to be completed in MECH462, the resources required and their source. The letter must be submitted as a PDF at or before the start of winter term classes. Teams in MECH462 are normally the same 4 students from MECH460, but can be 3 to 6 students if appropriate and explicitly approved by the course coordinator.

For additional supporting material, please see the MECH460 pages. All of the same rules from MECH460 also apply in MECH462 unless explicitly noted. Course operations and further details are provided to students through Queen's Moodle course management system.

Objectives and Outcomes

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities