Muskuloskeletal Biomechanics



Dr. Q. LiRoom 301A, McLaughlin 533-3191

Course Description

Introduction to musculoskeletal biomechanics, including experimental and analytical approaches to movement analysis, experimental instrumentation and devices, and biomechanical devices for musculoskeletal disorder rehabilitations. Analysis of the contribution of external loading, forces generated by muscles and constraints provided by other musculoskeletal structures to predict forces and stresses in musculoskeletal joints and tissues. Numerical and modelling approaches, including inverse dynamics, and optimization, and determination of segmental inertial properties. Biomechanical devices including upper limb and lower limb orthotics and prosthetics. Applications in orthopaedic engineering, movement assessment, ergonomics, joint injury and replacements, and biomechanical system design. (0/0/0/20/22)

PREREQUISITES: MECH221CIVL220MECH328MECH393, or permission of the instructor

Objectives and Outcomes

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