Experimental Fluid Dynamics



Dr. D.E. RivalRoom 208A, McLaughlin 533-6000 ext 74767

Course Description

A review of measurement theory including: static and dynamic characteristics of signals, spectral analysis and filtering methodologies, response of systems, and statistical/uncertainty analyses. Based on this review, the course then provides insight into traditional as well as contemporary techniques ranging from single-point scalar/vector measurements (e.g. hot-wire, Laser Doppler Anemometry, Phase Doppler Anemometry) to fully-temporal and spatially-resolved Lagrangian Particle Tracking and Tomographic-Particle Image Velocimetry. Finally, post-processing and data-manipulation strategies for these contemporary techniques along with a discussion of future opportunities will be presented.

PREREQUISITE: Permission of instructor is required 

Objectives and Outcomes

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Course Structure and Activities