Radiative Heat Transfer



Dr. A.M. Birk Room 202A, McLaughlin 533-2570

Course Description

This course covers the following topics related to heat transfer by thermal radiation:

fundamentals of thermal radiation, blackbody thermal radiation, radiative properties of real materials, surface-to-surface exchange of diffuse radiation, numerical solution of radiation problems, radiation with conduction and convection, radiation in absorbing, emitting and scattering media, gas volume radiation, surface-volume radiation, selected applications.

Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners shoud be able to:

1. calculate emission of thermal radiation from a black-body or gray-body in a specific wave band of the electromagnetic spectrum
2. calculate view factor between two objects
3. analyze simple radiation interchange between diffuse surfaces
4. analyze radiation from a volume to a surface
5. analyze an object with radiation, convection and conduction

Relevance to the Program

Course Structure and Activities

3 lecture hours per week. Please refer to SOLUS for times and locations.


Recommended textbook: Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer (3rd ed. or later) - R. Siegel and J. R. Howell, Hemisphere Publishing Corp. 

Any other graduate level book on radiation heat transfer would be useful.