Spine Biomechanics Laboratory

Toddler Anthropometrics 

Daycare worker reading to a group of toddlers


Body segment inertial parameters (BSPs) are used in kinetics of human motion and in modeling the human form. BSPs measured in this study will be used for developing a toddler automaton. This automaton will simulate a child in projects studying low back stress on daycare workers. To measure the effects of daycare tasks (lifting children, changing diapers, tying shoes, etc.), repeated measures must be taken. The automaton is an alternative to using toddlers in such laboratory experiments for both practical and ethical reasons.


Each participant will have his/her weight taken and height measured. Reflective markers will be placed on the participant's bony landmarks. Digital cameras will be placed in front and to the right of the subject and images from both cameras will be captured simultaneously. The images will be processed to determine subject specific BSPs. 

Placement of reflective markers on an adult subject


We are currently recruiting participants 18 months- 3 years. If you and your child would like to participate please contact Erika Jackson at e.jackson@queensu.ca. More information can be found on the Recruitment Poster and the Letter of Information.

Recruitment Poster

Letter of Inforamtion