Miodrag Darko Matovic

Assistant Professor

B.A.Sc. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1980
M.A.Sc. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1989
Ph. D. Queen's University, Kingston, 1993

(613) 533-6824

Welcome to my home page! It is currently and will probably always be in transition. This term I am teaching MECH341 (Fluid Mechanics II) Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation) and MECH 444 (Computational Fluid Dynamics). In previous years I was teaching MECH 215 (Instrumentation and Measurement), MECH 241 (Fluid Mechanics I), MECH 864 (Engineering analysis), , MECH 934 (Advanced Topics in Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow) and MEE513 at RMC..

I am doing research in Fluid Dynamics (Computational and Experimental) and Combustion. In computational fluid dynamics (CFD) I am working on development of numerical methods for incompressible flow, including large eddy simulation (LES), multigrid acceleration, local grid refinement and non-staggered grid formulation. The emphasis is on advanced turbulent modelling, the accuracy of discretisation schemes, advances in grid generation, solver techniques and visualisation of numerical simulations.

As far as future research goes, I will update information as it materializes.


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