Brian W. Surgenor, P.Eng


Room 225, Nicol Hall
Phone: (613) 533-2568
Fax: (613) 533-6489

Areas of Research

  • Machine vision
  • Autonomous vehicles 
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Mechatronics engineering education
Brian Surgenor


conveyor for part inspection

Prof. Surgenor's early research interest was in the area of pneumatic servosystems. Exposure to automation problems in manufacturing led to an applied research interest in the area of intelligent algorithms for machine vision systems. A developing interest is in the area of vision systems for off-road autonomous vehicles. Prof. Surgenor is also active in the field of mechatronic system design education.

Further information on past, current or future projects, please contact Prof. Surgenor directly.


Graduate Student Openings

There are two openings for new MASc graduate students starting September 2022:

  • Multi-Vehicle Cooperation over Rough Terrain: Experiments with Active Coupling
  • Virtual Traffic Light Intersection Control for Autonomous Vehicles

Current Research Projects

The following projects are currently being supervised:

  • Self-Supervised Near-To-Far Approach for Terrain-Adaptive Off-Road Autonomous Driving (PhD)
  • Remote Inspection of Bridge Infrastructure using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (MASc)
  • Multi-Vehicle Cooperation over Rough Terrain: Experiments with Passive Coupling (MASc)

Recent Graduate Student Theses

  • Force-Based Control of UGVs by Using Physical Human-Robot Interaction, Naveena Pandillapally (2020 MASc)
  • Robotics Sanding of Wooden Bowls with Hybrid Force/Position Impedance control, Srijith Sudhagar (2020 MASc)
  • A Flexible Machine Vision System for Small Parts Inspection Based on a Hybrid SVM/ANN Approach, Keyur Joshi (2018 PhD)


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