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Transfer into Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Transfer is often possible, subject to limitations on our enrolment capacity. In 2015 MME was closed to transfers due to limited capacity. If you transfer into our program you may have to backtrack quite a bit to meet your new program requirements. For advice on a transfer contact the UG Chair (cc mme.advisor) outlining your current academic discipline and standing, your future academic objectives, and why you want to transfer. In order for us to review your transfer request we require you to complete an Academic Plan Change Request form which allows us to access your latest transcript. Acceptance is typically based on academics and the availability of space in the program. The last day you can request transfer is two weeks into the beginning of term.

Take a Professional Industrial Internship Year

We believe that industrial experience is a very valuable part of an engineering education, therefore we will support an internship application from any student in good standing providing you meet the criteria on the application form. Note that a review of your academic transcript is required. Forms and more information can be found on my.Engineering and Career Services.

Bring drop off your completed forms to the MME main office in McLaughlin Hall 319 for review and signature of the Undergraduate Chair. You will be notified when the forms are ready for pick-up and delivery to the Internship Office, 3rd floor Gordon Hall.

Take an Academic Exchange Year

Academic Exchanges are a great way for you to travel and see the world, at the same time as you complete some of your program requirements for your Queen’s degree. Check the Engineering Exchange page for details.

If you go on an exchange, be sure to plan your courses carefully to best cover the core requirements for the time you will be away, and plan your catch up for your return. If you go in third year many universities will have courses that can be readily substituted for MECH 321, 328, 346, 350, and MTHE 367, as these are fairly common standard subject courses world-wide. It will be more difficult to find satisfactory substitutions for the MECH 396/397 or398/399 lab courses, MECH 323 and APSC 221. The MECH program has a lot of flexibility in electives normally taken in fourth year. Many exchange courses can be substituted for technical or complementary studies elective credit.

Alternately, you may choose to take a lighter exchange course load, then on your return take approved summer courses (typically comp study courses), or take extra time to complete your degree. If you plan on an additional Fall term, you need to make sure all your winter core course requirements are met. Consult with the UG assistant or the UG Chair for advice on your chosen plan.

In either case, it is imperative that you apply for these substitutions well in advance of your departure so that you have your LOP (Letter of Permission) in place before you register in courses at your exchange school. Experience shows you should get substitutions approved for more courses than you plan to take. You may find, after arriving, that curriculum and timetables change making it difficult, or impossible, for you to take all the courses in your original plan. Course Substitution Request form is here .

It is your responsibility to identify and apply for possible substitutions from your host university using the substitution application form complete with detailed course descriptions from your host university. For help in identifying courses, Jacquie Brown has a list of recently approved substitutions from many of our exchange partner universities, but even if a substitution has been previously approved, you must submit an application for each course.

Application procedure:

Select potential courses for your exchange, complete the substitution form for each course and gather the supporting documents.  For specific courses (usually core corses) the formal course substitution process requires you to get the course instructor’s signature on the substitution form, indicating that the course at your exchange university is equivalent to the Queen’s course. You must provide as much full information about the course as possible such as the detailed course syllabus, total number of lecture/lab/tutorial hours, and grading scheme prior to contacting the instructor.

Once complete, bring the whole package to the MME main office in McLaughlin Hall.  it will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness prior to going to the UG Chair for initial approval.  We will forward the entire package for final approval by the Academic Progress Chair in the Faculty Office.

Note that your completed package should clearly identify direct substitutions (e.g. ME387X for MECH 350) for core courses and elective substitutions (e.g. ME413Y for 3.5 credits of list 2 technical elective). In some cases it is possible to combine more than one course (e.g. ME325Z and ME357R for MECH 341 and 3.5 credits of list 1 technical elective.)

On your return there is no guarantee the core courses you still require do not conflict with other courses you want or need, especially if you still need to complete some third year courses during your fourth year.