Substituting Courses

Procedure for Substituting a course for a required program course

  • Complete the approval procedure and receive approval before taking the substitute course.
  • If the course substituted is from another academic institution, obtain the complete up to date course description. To permit evaluation of CEAB accreditation unit equivalency you should provide details including the total number of lecture hours, lab hours, tutorial hours and the course marking scheme, including whether or not the course has a final supervised examination.
  • Download a substitution or designation of substitution form from the my.Engineering site and complete it.
  • Obtain an approval signature (or email) for the substituted course from the instructor of the course you want to substitute, (note this is sometimes not required if the substitution is a commonly requested course at Queen's).
  • Take the completed signed form(s), including full course descriptions, to the MME Main Office where it will be presented to the UG Chair for approval. The application(s) are then forwarded to the Faculty Office for the attention of the Academic Progress Chair (APC) for final approval.
  • You will receive an email decision letter from the APC's assistant in the Faculty Office.

Substitutions requests outside of Queen's

Similar courses from another institution can be substituted for courses required as part of your program. This is done on a case by case basis. Among commonly approved substitutions are:

  • Genuine HSS courses from other universities approved as generalized List A, B, C or D courses. These can often be taken on-line during the summer to free up space in your schedule and when the complementary study requirements have been met, can be taken as free electives towards the total technical elective requirement count. 
  • "Standard" courses like Thermodynamics I or Solid Mechanics I at other accredited engineering schools are often very similar to Queen's courses and can be substituted (if approved) by students with good academic standing. These can also sometimes be taken during the summer in the larger universities which allow students to catch up, thus avoiding possible scheduling problems in the following academic year.
  • Required Queen's core courses may also be approved as substitutions when a student is going away on an approved academic exchange in their third year.  Every effort should be made to organize the whole substitution package at once prior to submission. Sometimes plans change while on exchange with the curriculum of the exchange school, so getting approval for more courses is encouraged even if all are not taken.  If you are away on exchange and additional courses need approval, please contact J. Brown.
  • As university programs differ, the course content and work required may not directly correlate with the number of lecture hours etc. at Queen's. This is particularly true for some universities outside North America where more individual effort is required and fewer lectures are given. In those cases you may be able to make the case in a substitution where four exchange courses may be equivalent to five Queen's courses.
  • All course substitution applications (except student exchange requests) and Queen's courses for Queen's courses require an application fee.  This fee can be made online through the Faculty Office.

Substituting One Queen's Course for Another

Below are lists of some of the common substitutions that have been approved by the Academic Progress Chair in the past. There is though no guarantee that they will be approved from year to year as course content and instructors change. Reasons for why a substitution may be refused are:

  • You have not yet attempted the required course and the Queen's course is recommended .
  • The required Queen's course is a condition of your admission or re-admission.

If a substitution is granted, you must still meet the totals of all the credit requirements for your core MECH program in each of the approved courses. For example, when students have taken ELEC 221 in their previous program instead of ELEC 210 and received substitution approval, the additional (.5) credits will have to be made up elsewhere in the students program to meet their program requirements.

Meeting the CEAB accreditation units requirement is seldom a problem for technical elective courses, but may require some careful course selection with core courses.

Previously Granted Substitutions
(Note that not all of these courses may still be offered)
MECH CourseSubstitute CourseComments
APSC 142 CISC 101 APSC 142 must normally be repeated if the student is taking in the term when this course is offered. If requesting CISC 101, students can usually only take in the term that APSC 142 is not offered. In this case students apply for the substitution on a Designation of Substitution form, NOT a Course Substitution form.
CIVL 220 CIVL 230
ELEC 210 ELEC 221
MTHE 225 MTHE 232 or MTHE 237
MTHE 272 ENPH 213 or CIVL 222
APSC 293 WRIT 125
MECH 228 ENPH 225
MECH 230 ENPH 274
ELEC 310 ENPH 334
MTHE 367 STAT 263