HMRL Alumni

Amy M. Morton Amy M Morton
Lab Manager /Research Engineer
MSc Computer Science '11
Queen's University, Kingston
Adam Clancey Dr. Adam Clansey, PhD.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ross Miller Dr. Ross Miller, PhD.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Assistant Professor, Deptartment of Kinesiology, University of Maryland


Visiting Researchers
Valentina D'Angeli Valentina D'Angeli, P.Eng,
Researcher Engineer
March-May 2013
Researcher Engineer, Movement Analysis Laboratory, Rizzoli Orthopaedics Institute (IOR), Bologna, Italy


Visiting Students
Sylvia Cabral Dr. Silvia Cabral
PhD Candidate
Jan-March 2012 and April-June 2013
Biomechanics and Functional Morphology Lab, Faculty of Human Kinetics, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Renan Resende Dr. Renan Resende
PhD 2014
Sept 2012-Aug 2013
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Student Alumni
Scott Brandon Dr. Scott Brandon
PhD, Queen's University, 2015
Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Supervisor: KJ Deluzio
Marcus Brown Marcus Brown
MASc, Queen's University 2015
Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Supervisors: KJ Deluzio, S Selbie
Lydia North Lydia North
MASc, Queen's University 2014
Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Supervisors: KJ Deluzio, T Bryant
Simon Grondin Simon Grondin
BSCE, Queen's University 2013
Supervisor: KJ Deluzio
Annemarie Laudanski Annemarie Laudanski
MASc, Queen's University 2013
Supervisor: Q Li
Jon Conte Jon Conte 
MASc, Queen's University 2015
Supervisors: KJ Deluzio, Q Li
GordonBestHeadshot Gordon Best
MASc, Queen's University 2016 
Supervisor: MJ Rainbow
LizHassanHeadshot Dr. Elizabeth Hassan 
PhD, Queen's University 2016 
Supervisor: KJ Deluzio
MylesAshallHeadshot Myles Ashall 
MASc, Queen's University 2017 
Supervisor: MJ Rainbow