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Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen's University

The mechanical engineer’s knowledge and skills are needed in a remarkable range of industries: automotive and aerospace, energy and environmental, communication, materials and manufacturing, food and chemical processing, medical and biomechanical, resource industries, transportation, and others.

McLaughlin Hall Machine Shop

With state of the art equipment and professional staff we are more than capable to take on most mechanical fabrication jobs, with the highest quality and precision.


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Largest and Most Diverse Department

Whether you're a high school student planning your university career, or a community college student looking to transfer into our undergraduate program, you'll find that Queen's University Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering has a lot to offer.


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Formula SAE Team

Every year, QFSAE designs and constructs an open wheeled, formula style race car that is used to compete internationally. We have a world class team and without their knowledge and expertise, Queen's Formula would never achieve such great results.


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An Engineering Degree Can Be a Launching Pad into a Range of Diverse Careers

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering prides itself on being a leader in project based, team oriented and hands-on learning.

Reactor Materials Lab

The Reactor Materials Testing Laboratory (RMTL) is an exciting research endeavor for the Queen's Nuclear Materials Group. It uses a proton accelerator to introduce damage into materials at a microscopic scale.


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State of the Art Facilities

We pride ourselves on safety, education, and professionalism.

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